I will be part of the HEPC event in Jammu, India

I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honored to share that I will be part of the HEPC event in Jammu, India, hosted at the magnificent Kashmir University in Srinagar, flanked by the world famous Dal Lake on its eastern side and Nigeen Lake on the western side. This remarkable opportunity transcends borders and resonates with the spirit of global collaboration.

As an overseas participant, I am excited to contribute to the dialogue surrounding cross-border trade, ethical practices, and the global impact of our collective efforts.

Amidst the grandeur of this event, which celebrates Indian Handloom exports and showcases the country’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, I am reminded of the significant role we play in fostering cross-border connections and partnerships. This event provides a unique platform to explore synergies, cultivate relationships, and collectively chart a course toward mutual growth and empowerment.

As we join hands to celebrate, let us also be mindful of the barriers women face in the business world. It’s both enlightening and concerning to learn that 49% of businesses engaged in exports lack female partners or directors. Together, we can actively contribute to shaping an inclusive landscape that empowers women entrepreneurs globally.

The prospect of networking with new business counterparts fills me with anticipation. I am particularly excited about the potential collaborations that lie ahead. With great excitement, I look forward to the possibilities this event presents and the positive impact it holds for both the Indian handloom industry and collaborations beyond borders. It is a privilege to be part of an occasion that bridges gaps, celebrates diversity, and paves the way for meaningful global engagement.

I extend my warmest congratulations to HEPC for orchestrating this monumental event, which undoubtedly brings into focus India’s incredible craftsmanship and heritage. Such initiatives not only spotlight the talents of artisans but also provide a platform for cross-cultural exchange and partnership.

The generous support extended to me, encompassing travel and accommodations, truly enables my participation in this transformative event. It is my endeavor to leverage this opportunity to further strengthen ties, explore avenues for collaboration, and advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion that resonates on an international scale. This event not only offers a window into the Indian handloom sector but also serves as a remarkable platform for trade exploration and the promotion of sustainable and ethical fashion.

This journey holds the potential to redefine business boundaries and foster connections that span continents.

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